Bridal Boutique | Which Jewellery to Wear for the Big Day

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In the bridal boutique of your dreams, which jewellery do you see perfectly complimenting your dress? You might have a fabulous jewellery collection already, but your pieces might not necessarily match your colours and the details on your train.

Should you splash out and get something amazing when you’ve already spent so much money on everything else?

You could always borrow from friends, or use inexpensive costume jewellery to find the perfect wedding day set. Here’s a guide to the symbolism of the different jewels and ideas to get them on the cheap.

Bridal Boutique Jewels Don’t Have to Cost the Earth

There are plenty of jewellery consultants out there willing to charge you a fortune to tell you exactly what sort of jewels would provide you with the most meaning and luck etc, but all that information is also out there for free. Have a good fish around the internet and the wedding magazines, to find out which necklace shape will suit your dress neckline and how much might be too much.

Before choosing your jewellery consider your wedding style. Is it blingy or understated, retro or modern? Try and find jewellery to suit. There’s plenty of second hand items on ebay, which will make an impression on the day. Also bear in mind what you have already bought for the wedding. Are you wearing a jewel hair or headpiece, that’s hard to match?

If your budget is limited, instead of decking yourself out, consider one meaningful piece that you’ll be thrilled with and which will complete your look.

What do the Different Jewels Symbolise?

Sapphires: They represent commitment and truth. They are also the traditional gem stone of the Royals

Emeralds: They symbolise long lasting love and with it, the wisdom and patience associated with it.

Rubies: Red for passion!

Diamonds: Crystallize your love.

Buying Tips For Gemstones And Jewelry

When it comes to buying expensive gemstones such as diamonds and emeralds, the most important thing you should be looking for is a reliable vendor. Here’s a good list of online jewelry retailers that have been reviewed for their good policies and product quality.

Aside from that, you should also buy gemstones that comes with a 3rd party gemological lab. This is because the qualities of the gemstone will be accurately represented and you will know exactly what you are buying.