A Guide to Morganite

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Morganite’s Color Energy

The color pink is associated with care, commitment, compassion and determination. When pink crystals are brought in the vicinity of angry or depressed people, they can calm their mental state and harmonize emotions. Pink color is also believed to be the bearer of new love and the spark of new romance. The brightness of the color increases sensuality in people and helps them overcome grief and heartache.

In addition to pink, Morganite consists of dull hues of peach and orange. These colors promote friendship and bring joy in relationships. People who suffer from family problems should keep its crystals in the home to benefit from its calming energy.

Metaphysical Properties

This stone is associated with the health and functioning of heart. It can cure problems related to the nervous system, clear the lungs, provide relieve in stress and anxiety, fights against palpitations and treat heart related problems. Even these days, gemstone healers use this stone to treat problems related to stress and anxiety.

It is also believed that Morganite can treat problems related to thyroid glands, larynx, tongue, impotence and help people in fighting vertigo. In addition to that, this mineral is also used for treating some chronic diseases like tuberculosis, emphysema, and asthma.

Morganite is also known as the Seeker Energizer Talisman that synchronizes the energy of the stone with the mental energy of the wearer. It motivates people to accomplish their goals and helps them in finding things that they seek.

Feng Shui

Morganite contains the energy of fire, which symbolizes warmth, enthusiasm, illumination and brightness. The gemstone is Yang in nature; therefore, it is very helpful in increasing emotional and mental stability, rationalizing power and action. Generally the fire energy is associated with the south area of a room or home. People suffering from writer’s block or artist’s block can benefit most from its crystals as it promotes creativity and generation of new ideas.

Chakra Healing System

Majority of the pink crystals are associated with the feelings of love and affection, this is the reason why Morganite is known for balancing the heart chakra. This chakra is located near the breastbone and neutralizes our emotions with respect to the outside world. Balanced heart chakra leads to balanced relationships.

Morganite is also helpful in stimulating the ‘high heart,’ which is located at the upper left side of the Heart chakra. It is associated with the feelings of compassion and helps people in understanding others.

Uses of Morganite

This exquisite gemstone is used for the following purposes:

Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry designers are always looking for unusual and natural gemstones that can enhance the overall value of their jewelry and complement the ongoing trends of the season as well. Morganite with its pretty pink color is one of the most favored choices of jewelry designers. It can set in with all type s of metal be it platinum, silver or white gold. Its crystalline structure reflects light at unusual angles and enhances its appearance. It is usually shaped into triangle, oval and heart shapes via machines and then embedded in the jewelry.

Engagement Rings

Most people prefer diamond engagement rings; however, there are some that choose to provide their loved one with distinct engagement rings. For such people Morganite ring is an attractive option. This gemstone is rated in between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale; therefore, wearing it daily won’t cause much harm to the stone’s quality and appearance. However, if worn without care the stone can become cloudy which will ultimately decrease the value of the ring and in consequence, the stone.

Birthstone Jewelry

The concept of birthstone originated from Bible’s description of the Aaron’s breastplate. It is said that the breastplate was embedded with 12 gemstones, each one representing a month of the year. Astrologers relate these 12 stones with 12 houses in the sky. Every stone is believed to have certain powers that highlight the positive qualities in a person. Wearing the wrong birthstone can have negative effects; therefore, one should be very careful about purchasing birthstone jewelry. Consult a gemologist and find out your birthstone before purchasing its jewelry.