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Investing In Fancy Colored Diamonds

Intelligent people convert their capital into hard assets to preserve the value of their wealth. Hard assets include antiquities, rare art, precious gemstones, gold, silver, outstanding white diamonds and natural color diamonds. These hard assets help you during tough economic times, and can be converted back into money when needed….

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A Guide to Morganite

Morganite’s Color Energy The color pink is associated with care, commitment, compassion and determination. When pink crystals are brought in the vicinity of angry or depressed people, they can calm their mental state and harmonize emotions. Pink color is also believed to be the bearer of new love and the…

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How to Photograph Your Handmade Jewelry Using a Digital Camera

Would you like to get higher prices for your handmade jewelry online? Taking professional quality photos of your jewelry can mean the difference between selling an item for a good price and one that’s barely acceptable. That’s why it’s so important to master the art of taking professional appearing photos of your…

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Customized Tungsten Rings Guide

More people are opting for customized tungsten rings today and not without reason too. Men prefer it for the strength and awesome style, and women too have started preferring tungsten carbide rings as they come in a wide range of exciting designs. Some of the latest offerings in tungsten for…

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Bridal Boutique | Which Jewellery to Wear for the Big Day

In the bridal boutique of your dreams, which jewellery do you see perfectly complimenting your dress? You might have a fabulous jewellery collection already, but your pieces might not necessarily match your colours and the details on your train. Should you splash out and get something amazing when you’ve already…